ee cummings got it done. 


Knowing what we want in life can be tricky. It pins us to an outcome we suddenly become accountable for. 

I know that this this year I'm working towards a book launch. The Resistance (my self-doubt) says 'Great, that's all the world needs, another book.' I listen to The Resistance more than I should. 

I've started. I've written the query letter, which I'll post here on Thursday. I've created the spreadsheet of agents and people I want to send this to. And, I've started sending:

The first three chapters of the book are in their hands. They'll take the blowtorch to it I'm sure, or most likely I won't hear back from them at all. But every NO in whatever form is that much closer to a YES. That's the only way to look at it. 

Want to read the first 3 chapters of my novel 'Devil's Candy'? Of course you do. 

AuthorChris Donaldson