There's a certain truth to dreams. We visualize outcomes, and they can happen if the work is done. If the time is spent. If talk becomes action. 

It's understood: putting the chips down on something imagined isn't logical or even wise. The empirical brain says 'no - the risks are too high'. The empirical brain says 'stop'. 

Maybe these are the voices of parents, or grandparents, or school. Maybe this a voice born from economic necessity - after all most of us need to make a living. Rent is always due. 

But the Blue Sky Brain, that's what we must answer to in the end. For there are few songs and poems written about people who are practical. Who always wait for when the time is right.  

The tools I'm planning to use: 

This is just a start. They're loose pieces right now. But I'll be piecing them together, one bird at a time. 




AuthorChris Donaldson