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Every year I pick three words for the way I want to live. This year, those words are:

  • DEEPEN: I am the master of being distracted. Of doing too much. Of skimming along the surface of thousands of things. If it's shiny, chances are my gaze is upon it. So this year I want to focus on a few key things, and go deep with them. This includes relationships as well as projects, with family as well as dreams. Depth is what leads to quality. And quality is where it's at. 
  • SHARPEN: I want my intent to be razor sharp this year. To cut through detritus. To be better and to level up. I want to sharpen my game so that I can provide more value this year. I seriously want to 10x this shit. You in?
  • SHARE: As much as I am distracted by shiny objects, I'm also a hermit inside my own head. I want to embrace people more. Share more. Live in a place with more vulnerability, because that's where the action is. Not be afraid to lose. This begins, I think, with extending a hand and saying 'hello'. Let's try it together. 

Part of the above might be solved by one simple task: putting away the phone. If you see me on my phone, you have my permission to slap me. Or at least pinch me. Or at least say, hey, I'm right here, in front of you. This is doubly true of family and friends. Make it count. 

Deepen, sharpen, share. I like the sound of that. What are your intents in 2018? 


AuthorChris Donaldson