...Is a state of mind.

In the film business, being Camera Ready is when an actor is ready to make it happen. To turn it on. To make some magic. When the set is locked in and all systems are a go. 

The green light. 

It's all in the preparation. 

It's all in the preparation. 


There are people I know who are always camera ready. Sure, this might have to do with looking good, but it's more about being prepared to deliver. To make a first impression. To kill the interview. To close the deal. To help someone who needs it.

Being camera ready is about being open and receptive to the world and proactive around opportunity. It's one very powerful approach to getting out of bed every morning. 



Streak Count of writing ONE HOUR A DAY: 30 days.

Soundtrack to write by: Social Network. 

Most Frequented Writing Haunt: My bed. 

Stay frosty. 


AuthorChris Donaldson