Hit the button.  Photo courtesy of @RightonBrotherFilms

Hit the button. Photo courtesy of @RightonBrotherFilms


Yesterday we delivered a short film to the Banff Ski Festival. And the director, Sam Giffin of @RightonBrotherFilms, lit a candle before we hit the export button. This was a tradition, he said, his mentor taught him. 

So we lit the candle and watched the file export. We knew we could have made more changes. We know there's more changes to be made. Bolts can always, always, be tightened. 

Many years ago, I told myself all my ducks would have to be in a row before I got married. 

Then I told myself the same thing before I had kids. 

I tell myself that before each project: once things are in order I can start. 

But we all know the truth: there is no order. Ducks are never in a row. It's about Progress, not Perfection. It's about delivery of something really really good, not stuck in the maw of over-analysis and the search for something that doesn't exist. 

Hit the button. 



Streak Count of writing ONE HOUR A DAY: 25 days.

Soundtrack to write by: Midnight Express (classic use if Midi)

Most Frequented Writing Haunt: Woods, Boulevard Park. 

Stay frosty. 



AuthorChris Donaldson