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I was pretty lame when it came to the eclipse. I'm not sure what I wasn't quite understanding: if I drove a few short hours South I'd be able to see a potentially once in a lifetime event.


My mind wasn't big enough to understand that, and on Sunday I finally started to get my act together, went on Craigslist and bought a pair of eclipse glasses for $25 (which was money well spent). But in the end I settled for the 90%. 

And the 90% was pretty damn amazing. Inspiring. Brilliant. I did feel the awe and the glory. 

But it's a shame that the other 10% was right there to be had, with just a little imagination and foresight. With just a bit of work, I could have pointed myself south and been there. 100% could have been achieved. 

Life rarely tees success up for us like that. In a way I let inquisition and imagination down. Let that be a lesson. 



Streak Count of writing ONE HOUR A DAY: 39 days.

Music to write by: Radiohead Live in Milan

Most Frequented Writing Haunt: Back to Camber. 

Stay frosty. 


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AuthorChris Donaldson