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I've just completed by 48th straight day of #findthehour, where I work for at least an hour on my novel Devil's Candy. You can be working on anything you want, as long as it brings you joy. 

I won't kid you and say every one of those hours was quality, but I was there. I was doing the work. Some of it sucked, some of it didn't. 

And I've learned a shit ton. Here's a quick list:

  • 1 - Learning is not as important as doing. Too many people are afraid to start because they don't think they know enough. Or aren't good enough yet. That's an illusion. Start now. The pile of 'how-to' books on your bedside table isn't going to get you there. 
  • 2- The first two hours of your day go by the fastest. If you fill that with good work, rather than dicking around trying to get warmed up, you'll see exponential results. Get to work as fast as possible. PROTIP: This Monday morning (yes, even on Labor Day), just do an audit of what you do in the first two hours after you wake up. You might be surprised at how little actually gets done. Optimize. 
  • 3 - People are going to hate you. Making #findthehhour a priority comes at the expense of time with others, or recreation, or entertainment. And people don't like it when you prioritize your goals above everything else, like a good time. Minimize this by asking them to help you first. By saying, hey, I want to try this - is that cool? The people who love you will say 'yes' and empower you. The others you can ignore...
  • 4 - It's damn hard. 
  • 5 - Self-doubt is a bitch. Fear carries a big stick. The resistance that is in all of us speaks loudly. You're going to have to stop complaining and kill the beast. 
  • 6 - #FindTheHour actually adds more hours to your day. It's counter-intuitive, but doing what you love for an hour actually opens everything else up. Try it.
  • 7 - One week of #FindTheHour isn't going to do it. Talk to me after two weeks. Three weeks. Four weeks. When it starts to become a habit, when you can't imagine a day without it, that's when the magic (and better work) starts to happen. Trust me.
  • 8 - You need this sheet to track your days. Thanks, Jerry. 
  • 9 - I can't stop. Resetting to ZERO DAYS after all this work petrifies me. Eventually it will happen but not without a crazy fight, perhaps to the death. 
  • 10 - You're probably not 90 years old yet. When you're 90, how are you going to look back at things? Don't let regret be part of that future existence. 

The biggest thing I've learned is to stop complaining. Nobody cares. If you aren't doing what you want to be doing, now's the time. 

Next Post on Tuesday: How to GET STARTED. 



Streak Count of writing ONE HOUR A DAY: 48 days.

Music to write by: Radiohead Live in Milan

Most Frequented Writing Haunt: The Black Drop. 

Stay frosty. 


AuthorChris Donaldson