With all that's going on in the world of business, politics, and on the streets of the inner cities, the real revolution isn't so much a radical approach of new ideas as it is a radical embrace of civility. The simple act of respecting one another enough to show common decency and grace has vanished, a tremendous casualty. 

That perhaps is where our deepest thinking needs to happen. Around regaining our ability of discourse. 

It's obvious that businesses like Wells Fargo have lost their way. Politicians disrespect any ideas but their own. Law enforcement and 'the people' push the edges around each other, often at deadly consequence.  

Our differences aren't what we need to smooth over. That's the good stuff. 

Our approach to how we communicate, how quickly we pull the trigger, how we respond to an idea that's different than our own: that's what needs to be examined.

Ask forgiveness. Give forgiveness. That might be a great place to start. 



AuthorChris Donaldson