This is Day 39 of my '100 Days of LinkedIn', which is 100 posts on content creation and the movie business. First I post it here, then I post it there. Call me crazy. 

If you haven't read my post about how the structure of a good movie is similar to that of a good business and maybe even a good life - you might want to start here.

Right now, we'll take a look at FUN AND GAMES, which usually occur within 30-45 pages/minutes of a movie - and how this might relate to what you're up to.

  • Fun and Games (pages 30-45): Your decision to enter the New World look like the right one. Minor obstacles are overcome, and everything looks pretty peachy. Beware: this is a false victory. 

This is when the bad baseball team gets the new coach, has some initial fumbles, but then goes on an immediate winning streak. Or when Indiana Jones finds the first real clues to where the Ark is. 

Or, in the case of the BELVEDERE SALES LEADS, I start closing deals. I start making real money for a change, and maybe buy myself a Porsche and a house on the beach. Hey, I'm King of the World. 

Or, maybe it's when you start to see big orders rolling in. You ride around the office on your hoverboard giving your people high fives.

In business - this is the initial run of success. But as we all know, sustainability is the ultimate goal. Not the one-off moment of champagne and Black Label Vodka with Kanye.  

Because, again as we all know, those things lead to hangovers. And the very old saying:

This too shall pass.  

There's a hurricane out there somewhere. 



AuthorChris Donaldson