There is most certainly the unbearable lightness of being. That moment when beauty and sorrow intersect into the sublime. It happens when we are paying attention, when we listen, when we dig deep into something. 

It doesn’t happen when we choose to be lost in things that matter least. Which is where we all live. 

That’s why I love The Detectorists. It’s languid and often hard to understand, a bit of magic that moves like a bubble through a pint glass. A look into what love and life is, mostly all of us searching. 

You have to be quiet when you watch this. And awake. It’s a strange mix that lands squarely - and expands into the depth of certainty and meaning: Treasures all around us. 

Beautiful writing and acting and directing and…. everything. You’re left thinking, why can’t I do this?  And you can.  

#Netflix. It just paid for itself again. In spades.


Want to get coffee?  I'm buying. 

AuthorChris Donaldson