I stole this from Anthony Iannarino. Thanks Anthony. 


In 2015, I rededicated myself to fitness and lost 10 pounds. I recommend T25 for this, which seriously has been a game changer for me (try it - but modify). 

I've eaten a hell of a lot better too. More kale and spinach smoothies. Less junk. But boy, this Christmas was especially brutal on the chocolate consumption. Plenty of gut bombs. 

I've become a lot more disciplined in my morning routine, which starts at 6:00 and includes a 15 minute meditation and breathing practice (5 mins of affirmation, 5 mins of gratitude, 5 mins of intent). This is the best way to get the game face on. 

Raised $250K for the movie I co-wrote with Brian Young, RED TIDE. Not bad - but a lot more work to do.

Finished the first draft of the pilot, THE RIFT. More to come on this. 

Record sales at Hand Crank Films.  Some great work with some really exceptional people I'm lucky to be associated with. 

A really great wife and family, which matters most. I could go on and on and on and on....


I got another 5 pounds to lose, which ain't so simple. More T25 and even better food choices. 

I need to put down the damn phone. Wouldn't it be a miracle if I could connect even more with the people I adore and are right in front of me?  Try the phone stack

The quality of my work can vastly improve. I often fall prey to the idea of moving as quickly as possible from point A to point B, just to get the job done. But speed does not equal accomplishment. I need to focus instead on the quality of the trajectory. 

Need to practice more gratitude. 

I’m still not disciplined enough. Have I done the ONE BIG THING today, or did BS get in the way?

I did not hit some Big Hairy Audacious Goals I set for myself in 2015. Let’s get back at it. 

Overall though, a really nice year.

You? Let me know. 




AuthorChris Donaldson