Tomorrow I head out to AFM - a lion's den of wheelers and dealers in the film biz, some who's sole purpose is to eat me for lunch. Oh hell yes I'm nervous and excited and here I am pacing on the sidelines wanting the ball - all at the same time. And maybe with a little luck I'll exit out the other side a little better. A little stronger. A little smarter about what it will take to make this particular dream happen. 

But it doesn't all have to be about luck. As Youngblood once said: Luck is the residue of preparation. So I've been spending the last couple of weeks preparing, studying how other people have done it, what their disciplines are, how they have made it happen.

Because the clues are there. People have gone before me. Many of them want to help. It is a New World, everyday. But there are signs if you look for them. 

So look for them. Keep  your eyes and your heart open. And remind me to do the same. 

AuthorChris Donaldson