There are really only two questions:

Are you a Buyer?

Or, are you a Seller?

If you're creating content like I am (commercials, scripts, movies TBD), then you're most likely on the selling side of the equation. Pitching. Trying like hell to communicate value. 

In this era of noise and static and infinite content, it can appear a challenging place to be. Buyers (the people usually with the money) can appear to hold all the cards. 

But if you remember you have something buyers need (and if you really do), it is possible to flip the conversation. To get Buyers to have to sell you. Reframing the conversation is important and possible. 

Especially if you stop treating yourself like a commodity. Because you are truly not everyone else. 

Make sure that last sentence sinks in. 

BTW: if you are neither a Seller or a Buyer, you're not really in the game. 'Artists' sometime pretend to live in this space, but not the pros. The pros embrace. 

AuthorChris Donaldson