You like to think you have goals. You think of them and you think you've done the work. 

You're on your way. 

But then an email arrives in your inbox. Or the phone rings. Or a co-worker needs help with their project. And it's almost a relief, a reprieve, from doing what you really should be doing. An excuse to stop doing the work. 

Zig Ziglar Goal Planner

Zig Ziglar Goal Planner

One thing I did was go out and buy this Peak Performance Planner from Zig Ziglar. This thing is not cheap, but is put together by one of the forefathers of Peak Performance and Personal Development. So far, so good. Here's what my first week looked like:


For me, writing down goals is the secret sauce. Some of my goals involve helping others (I need to work deeply on this), while others are more mundane like hitting the gym or cracking open a book. 

Part of the problem might be that your goals aren't sacred. Aren't rituals. This can help fix that. 

What are your tips?

AuthorChris Donaldson