You have a client, one of the biggest in the tech space. They say they want 4 videos shot in one day. They say quality isn't important (although you know this is a false horizon). They say they only have a quarter of what it should cost. They say 'This is the New Economy'. 

The artist in you rebels. Curses. Wants nothing to do with people like this. You've already been there. You've already been had. 

The business person in you says 'This sure would help the month." Tries to determine just how painful it would be to take on. Maybe throws caution to the wind, and in so doing angers the artist and the other people who have to join in this 'non-quality' journey. But the month gets closer to being saved. 

There is, maybe, a third actor in all of this: the person that represents 'The Renaissance". This dreamer looks at this as an opportunity to solve a problem. A puzzle. A question of delivering in scope something that still works - for the artist, for the business person, for the customer. 

It is the New Economy, there is no denying that. Things are compressing and people (maybe you) are being disintermediated from the making of things. The question for all of us: which one of these people do we choose to be?

What is the answer?

AuthorChris Donaldson