I’ve been a promoter of Radical Optimism this year - which I think is needed to get through the waist deep shark strewn sludge we’ve all been wading through.

Radical Optimism is about accepting the responsibility for who you are. What you feel. And how you will approach/embrace the world. It is a stoic philosophy long advocated by Plato, Socrates, and others wearing outfits I wish were still in vogue.

But Radical Optimism does not imply a dumb happiness or a stupid acceptance of what is happening around us. Happiness is not even a primary goal. What is a primary goal is the knowledge that, YES, there are many things we can shape in our lives. And some things we cannot. Saying YES to our own outcome.

It’s a philosophy I’m trying to live by, and it’s still forming. I welcome your thoughts.

AuthorChris Donaldson