There is a growing belief that the universe is a zero sum game, that everything swims in a finite resource pool.

So if someone is stronger, this implies by default that someone else must be weaker. If someone is rich, this must be at the expense of someone who is poor.

There’s some truth to this. Oppression is real. Poverty is real. Inequality is real. These are things we must fight against.

But maybe there’s some deeper thinking here. Is it possible that as you become stronger, others become stronger as well? Is it possible that quality inspires more quality?

Perpetual motion might be the discovery here: our ability to create and attract like forces. Our intrinsic magic that creates something from nothing. This can benefit everyone.

So no, I’m not a believer in a zero sum game universe. Infinity, as much as it can be understood, is defined as limitless potential. Right in front of us.


AuthorChris Donaldson