Maybe you've heard of the Distribution Paradox. Most people think that when Wal*Mart calls to place an order for a product they are selling, this is a good thing. And it can be. 

The challenge is, this order often forces you to scale - maybe faster than you really want to or can really afford. You might have to buy new equipment or hire new people, or....

Expenses immediately mount. And many a company has flamed out and not been able to deliver under the pressure. 

Perfection can be like that too. The demands of getting 100% on your next creative project can add pressures that cave it completely. Rewriting, reworking, tinkering, can be both boon and bane. We have to know when to let it go - because that's what the pros do (who are still in business): they deliver. 

Perfection is a myth and a moving target, anyway. The goal is progress.  

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AuthorChris Donaldson