There are a minimum of two realities we are faced with everyday…

Reality as it occurs.

And reality as we (I) perceive it to be.

Socrates and Plato discussed this in the Hot Tub Time Machine centuries ago, this idea of Absolute Truth and the real meaning of ‘Knowledge’. The Matrix discusses it again in a future not so distant from our own. In these deep philosophical mind-benders, it might even be argued that there is just the one reality: mine. But does this negate the goal of compassion: being one with others?

The Rubik’s Cube spins and spins again.

The one truth we do know (if we know anything) is that we can control how we respond to ‘reality’, at least most of the time. When we get bitch-slapped by circumstance, we can manifest our own behavior/attitude/outcome to a huge degree.

There are exceptions of course, but if we accept the power we have and are held accountable for who we have become, just about anything is possible.

Owning that, perhaps, is everything.

AuthorChris Donaldson