Watch the above. The man and the process are intense. The inspiration is color.  

This film changed my very flat perception of Jim Carrey. It proved again we have to live on the edges. 




The woman in her shop welding alone. 

The guy staring at a blank page. 

Living on the edge means living on the edge of failure. It means, when asked to sing, you let 'er rip even though you probably aren't the best singer in the audition. Voice cracking, you do it anyway. At it's worst, it will be real. At it's worst, it's everything we got. 

And that's enough. Even though we may be scared shitless. 

That's the price of being interesting. Of creating interesting work. We might still have to care about what people think (I do,), but maybe the true level of success is if we answer the day. If we meet failure as a stepping stone rather than as a judgement of who we are. If we take the sword to doubt and the helping hand to our own passion. 

I'm still working on that. 



AuthorChris Donaldson