Lost for a moment in the ripped from the headline news, you'd believe we're all screwed. That people everywhere are stepping on the third rail. 

And maybe it's true and maybe it isn't, but I'm reminded how much easier it is to create dust around an issue than actually work on the issue itself. How some of us, when it comes right down to it, sidestep the deep thinking it will take to actually make something. Why make that hard choice when there's a 24 hour mainline media fix, just the click of a button away?

Which reminds me in an odd way of Selena Gomez. Who at first blush we might all be tempted to relegate to tabloid fodder, but truth be told is creating some really interesting work. You may not love - or even understand - it, but it's different. It's risky. It's taking chances. It took a strong vision and a deep seated commitment. The heavy work was lifted. 

So maybe next time we're so fast to comment on something, we should just put our head down and do our own work instead. Critics aren't remembered. We might be.  



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AuthorChris Donaldson