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Today is day 59 of my #FindTheHour streak. Join me in reclaiming existence. 

An old friend of mine Shawn Delaney always used to say 'Put the Couch in the Kitchen'. 

Apple says 'Think Different'. 

There's a thousand different people out there talking about 'Reimagine' or 'Rethink' or 'Transformation'. 

That's the function of #FindTheHour: to get us to take the time to reflect on how we spend our time, then make changes to reclaim our existence. Putting the couch in the kitchen is about a fresh blueprint. 

A few people asked me last week about the structure of #FindTheHour. Does it have to be one project? Can you mix it up and play a trumpet one night then throw pottery the next? Does it have to be disciplined around one primary goal?

The short answer is 'yes'. 

But that goal can be whatever we want it to be. That goal could simply be 'Doing that which brings me joy.' Or it could be finishing a book (my case) or starting a side-hustle. It's about shedding other people's expectations and focusing on what you want to do. Just for an hour. 

Sounds selfish, doesn't it? But it's the same kind of selfishness that's sparked the best art. The best life, perhaps. 

So choose who you want to be. 

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AuthorChris Donaldson