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If we aren't doing what we want, it's easy to spin into negativity. To look at the external forces of our day to day and blame them for where we are. It's a fallback position for many of us, because it's easier than actually holding ourselves accountable and doing the work it takes to get control of the moment. 

One great place to start with this is by living in a place of gratitude. Gratitude can solve a lot of problems, from office strife to personal relationships to the mountain of work that sits on top of us everyday. Being grateful can flip just about anything, and has an odd by-product of putting us in control.  In the driver's seat. So we can do more good work that matters. 

When we're grateful, it's hard to feel negative. Positivity begins to win the day. And we begin to find more and more places in our own internal landscape to stop and #FindtheHour. To get on top of the things that were once on top of us. 

Don't confuse being grateful with being weak. It could very well be the greatest strength we have. And it's right there, in our back pocket, waiting for us.  

Update: I am wrapping up my novel 'Devil's Candy' (at least this draft) and am excited by it. I've sent out the first chapter to a few people - so now it's out in the world. It will be going to publishers and agents in January, as I start work on my next project. Let me know if you want to take a look, and I'll email you a few pages. 

Keep doing the good work. 


AuthorChris Donaldson