Everybody is talking about Content. It's the buzzword that keeps gaining steam and importance across the board. But I got to admit, I get intimidated by content creation. I perceive it to be a boatload of work. 

My goal this year though, is to be all about content. 

And content can be love letters. Or drawings on the sides of coffee cups. Pottery. It doesn't have to be films, or books or screenplays or great advertising or blog posts or podcasts... 

Maybe it's making your child smile. Your partner dance. Saying thanks to a stranger. 

Great content takes many forms. Don't get caught in one, or think you aren't producing enough. It's there - right at your fingertips. 

Have fun with it.

Have fun with it.

What's in your bag of tricks right now? Let me know.

AuthorChris Donaldson
CategoriesLife and Media